Liquivac Topside Oil Changer

Clear vacuum hose and black suction probe reach down through the dipstick tube to the bottom of the engine pan. Powerful vacuum pump action creates a strong suction that pulls the dirty oil and sludge into the Oil Changer’s 2-gallon tank. You can also use it for bailing the boat, removing transmission-oil overfill, cleaning up spills and more!


I purchased this tool so I could change my ATF fluid without having to drop the pan. I used to use a Mityvac hand vacuum pump to do this, but it didn’t have any capacity and the fluid always found its way into the hand pump. Using it was so easy I’m going to do my oil changes with it from now on. I made one mistake when assembling the Topside – I put one of the gaskets on the inside of the cap instead of on the rim of the spout. Once I positioned the gasket correctly, it worked beautifully. With a vacuum from about 40 strokes of the pump, it sucked the fluid out at a rate of about 1 qt per 5 minutes.

Item works great but company could have given better instruction and or tips on its proper use. Sometimes rubber gasket or “O” ring does not seat properly and you will be pumping the number of times that are indicated but not realizing it is not pressuring correctly. Vacuum is created when pumping and is of course very important for units operation. Once vacuum is set up the unit works excellent and is of high quality construction. I would still recommend this unit for people who like to change trans fluid and for removing fluid from other equipment.


The concept is great, but the design needs some serious work. Your unit might work, but mine was worthless. I followed the instructions to a tee, but the results were not good. I tried the unit on two cars, a Mazda MVP and a Scion XB. On the Mazda the hose would not go done far enough to reach the oil. On the Scion it would. I ran the car for 5 minutes as specified by the instruction, put the hose down far enough to reach the oil, pumped the unit 30 times and started it up. It pulled out some oil for a while. I closed the clamp, pumped 10 more times and pulled out some more oil. I did this 4 times, each time getting out a little more oil. Finally I pulled out the hose and checked the oil level in the car. It had gone down slightly under the max level. The cap where the hose is connected has an idiotic design. It comes in two pieces where it should be a one piece design. No matter what I did the piece would leak air around the nipple part that would go inside the cap. I believe this was the source of the problem. I was not getting enough vacuum build up to pull out all the oil I finally through mine in the trash. What a waste. BTW, I want to Walmart and got one of those very big enclosed oil pans with a hole on top for the oil to go into the container and change my oil and filter in less than 30 minute. When you think about it you will have to get an oil drain pan anyway. How else are you going to change the filter. The filter will always leak oil. As long as you are getting down there to change the filter and you have the drain pan, might as well open the plug and change the oil too. I wish I had thought about this before I wasted my money on this POS.

This works very well in removing the oil from my lawn mower, snow blower, pressure washer, and tractor engines. No need to take off a bolt, no spill and it holds all of the oil until I take it to recycling. The tube does collapse under suction with hot oil but it still sucks it all out. It took me a few minutes to do all of my engines this spring. I usually change the oil in the snow blower now so it is ready to go and at the same time get the rest ready for the summer chores. Start them all up in a line, warm them up and go from one to the next. Finally fill up with clean oil and done. Fraction of the cost of taking it to the shop. No spills so no oil stains. Clean hands. Did not work on my truck as could not get the tube down the dip stick tube. I could get a narrow tube but have to unscrew the filter anyway. I also used it to lower the oil level in one engine that I had over filled. If you want to make life easy then put a little gas (a few ounces) in the lawn mower and run till tank is dry. While engine is warm drain oil by suction. Before filling prop up on side and touch up blade. Now fill both oil and gas and you are ready for the season in less time than a drive to the shop.

Mar 2017

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